Sloane Staffing is a white glove recruitment service that specializes in making the perfect match between company and candidate. We are more than just a hiring agency, we are consultants. The secret to our success is positioning ourselves as your internal recruiter, and leveraging our expansive network of potential candidates to source talented individuals who will fit both your business needs and your company culture. 

 We firmly believe that recruiting is a three stage process (similar to sales):

First we build a candidate profile based on the requirements of the job that we gather during kickoff meetings with you. 

Second we leverage phone, text, email, social media, and smoke signals to bend the ears of candidates looking for a new career opportunity.

Third we qualify the candidates for you using our thorough screening process, to ensure they meet all of your requirements and are within budget.

Finally, we present potential candidates and follow up every step of the way to coordinate phone and in-person interviews. We act as consultants to both our clients and our candidates. On the client side, we help our clientele save both time and money by doing the grunt work of staffing.

Working together, we will find the perfect match for you and your organization!


Talent where and when you need it. 

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“Sloane Staffing has hired at least 40% of my total team and I expect many more hires from them in the future!”
— Shay Berman, Digital Resource
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