Systems Administrator: Service Desk (Level 1 and Level 2)

The Service Desk technician reports to the Service Delivery Manager, who reports to the VP of Operations. The Service Desk technician is responsible for resolving service requests from, and providing excellent customer service to our clients.

The primary differences between a Level 1 and a Level 2 Service Desk technician are:

  • Level 1 techs answer inbound calls from our clients, and attempt first-call resolution.

  • Level 2 techs work from the ticketing queue, and answer inbound calls only when all Level 1 techs are busy.

  • Level 2 techs have more years under their belt and more experience with servers, networking gear and a wide array of applications.

Key skills required by a Service Desk technician are active listening, critical thinking, complex problem solving, time management, instructing and active learning. You’ll be successful if:

  • You have a bright personality that will help defuse the situation.

  • You have great listening skills - so that you can get a clear reading of the root of the problem (we don't like fixing symptoms here).

  • You have excellent documentation skills - so that you can create a case in our ticketing system and clearly communicate the issue in plain English.

  • You are a sponge. Success depends on your ability to soak up knowledge as you are moving from client to client and technology to technology.

  • Your Google skills are on point. It's not always about what you know, but how quick you are at finding a solution when you don't know.

  • You know when to throw in the towel, and ask for help from the escalation team.

  • You have mad follow-up and follow-through action. No ticket left behind!

Level 1 Service Desk technicians should have:

  • Daily experience using a ticketing system and remote management platform.

  • Ability to diagnose and resolve just about any issue that a Windows 7+ PC could throw at you.

  • Ability to add/remove users, reset passwords, change file permissions and create shares on Server 2008R2+.

  • Ability to configure, troubleshoot and explain how IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways and DNS addresses work.

  • A solid understanding of the registry and comfort making changes.

  • A solid understanding of common command line utilities (ping, tracert, ipconfig, etc.)

  • A solid understanding of Microsoft Office 365 plans and management of them.

In addition to the items above, Level 2 Service Desk technicians should have:

  • Worked at an MSP, or on a busy service desk with 20+ remote offices.

  • Ability to read a PowerShell script, articulate what it is doing and modify it for a particular use.

  • A general understanding of group policy and comfort making minor changes.

  • Ability to resolve just about any core feature of a Windows Server 2008R2+ server.

  • Ability to resolve just about any issue a 250 user organization would have in a firewall, switch or access point.

  • A solid understanding of group policy, and the ability to create one from scratch and deploy it.

You will be graded on:

  • Customer service satisfaction score

  • Billable time utilization percent

  • Adherence to our service level agreement

  • Knowledge of clients and completeness of documentation

  • First call resolution percent (for Level 1)