We act as consultants to both our clients and our candidates.

At Sloane Staffing, we help our clients and candidates save both time and money by doing the grunt work of staffing.

We comb through endless amounts of resumes to find ideal candidates, and take the time to set up and schedule interviews with them. At Sloane Staffing, we will only present those candidates we believe that are top quality. We also take the time to analyze those resumes that were submitted, but necessarily did not have the exact job title requested. Top candidates are often overlooked by this small detail, but may actually possess exactly what you’re looking for – let us do this work for you.

We will also ask those questions you don’t know how to ask, or may not think to ask. If you are unsure of appropriate compensation for a particular role, we are happy to provide market research that shows what other employees are making in that role, in that industry. Let us field the tricky questions and have those time consuming conversations on your behalf. Quite often, hiring managers miss out on great candidates because they take too long to hire them. When you hire a recruiting agency to do the work for you, all of these problems will no longer be yours. 


Why Sloane Staffing?

  • Access Talent

  • Save Time, Resources & Money

  • Receive Qualified Candidates

  • Reduce Friction Among Hiring Managers & HR Recruiting

  • Save Worry!

Positions filled:



✓ Analytics

✓Digital Marketing Manager

✓ Email

✓ Pay Per Click

✓Director of Operations

✓ Social Media


✓ Account Executives/Manager

✓ Business Development Reps

✓Director of Business Development

✓ Director/VP of Sales

✓ Sales Operations

✓VP of Finance/Accounting

IT/Software Development

✓ Business Analysts

✓ CRM/ERP Developers

✓Network Engineer/IT Support Analyst

✓ Software Architects

✓ System Administrators

✓ Web Engineers




"I have hired over 26 people in the last two years and Sloane Staffing has assisted me in filing at least 40% of those positions. Whenever I need a great candidate Sloane Staffing typically has one within 24 to 48 hours and I know I can have someone hired within the week if needed. Not only are we able to get great candidates fast but we are able to retain those candidates and typically for longer than the average hire. We will continue to use them for all of our recruitment needs."

-Shay Berman, Your Digital Resource


"Sloane Staffing was able to find my partners and I here at Perry & Group, CPA, LLC a qualified candidate within two hours of searching. Never have we had such great success with any other staffing agency, even the ones that specialize in CPA Firms. Would recommend any and all of my friends and clients to use!"

-Carter McAllister, Perry & Group, CPA, LLC


"Sloane Staffing did a great job for us at ProFi. We needed to make some quick management / admin hires and Sloane Staffing got the job done! Very professional, organized, and responsive. Looking forward to working with Sloane Staffing in the future!"


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