Responsibilities & projects

- Support customer & prospective customer monetization through email marketing

* CPA campaign portfolio: Setting up new advertising campaigns, both real-time tracking & creative assets.

* CPM campaign portfolio: Coordinating scheduling with clients & setting up creative assets.

* Email schedule & queuing: Working with the team to set the email calendar based on campaign performance & Company goals.

- Reporting & analytics: Maintaining email performance report to reach monthly revenue targets. Ensuring clicks are not wasted to offline or broken campaigns. Coordinating with both external clients and internal teams on month-end invoicing.

- Advertising clients: Fielding advertiser questions & sorting their email inquiries to maintain positive partner relationships, while maximizing revenue through smart offer testing & scheduling.

- Inbox delivery: Monitoring, testing & triaging to ensure that marketing campaigns reach subscribers' inboxes

- Unsubscribe management: Maintaining compliance by syncing unsubscribe requests between various mailing platforms.

Skills preferred

- Due to the technical nature of the work, strong attention to detail is absolutely necessary. There are some indicators for this (a math or science degree, etc.) but it really comes down to the individual. A degree in marketing is not a good indicator for this skill. In the past I have had the candidate complete a series of tasks in person at the interview.

- Ability to adapt to changing priorities and to deliver results in a fast-paced environment.

- Experience in email marketing preferred, or internet/digital marketing in general.

- Comfortable with math & analyzing data: Calculating & comparing metrics, making decisions based on split test results.

- Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and HTML a plus.