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Check out our 5 Tips for Job Seekers!

1 - Switch your open to new opportunities section on LinkedIn to "open." This tells recruiters that you are open to new opportunities. Make sure to fill out as much as possible about the job that you want to have. For example, if you’ve recently re-located to Delray Beach, FL and are interested in a Director of Digital Marketing position, fill that out in the profile. Your current company won’t see that and it makes it very easy for recruiters to send positions that fit what you’re looking for. 

2 - Change your voicemail. Don't have the generic "you've reached 561.512.8989" that your iphone comes with. Make it personalized. Here's an example script to go by: Hi this is John Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, you've reached my voicemail. Please leave a message or text me and I'll get back to you ASAP". Thanks. 

3 - ALWAYS respond to recruiters that are reaching out to you. LinkedIn inMails are very  expensive and if you don’t accept, recruiters won’t be able to keep an open conversation going. I interviewed someone two months ago for a Senior Pay Per Click Manager position in Boca Raton and the candidate told me that they wanted to work more north in West Palm Beach. A Digital Marketing Manager role popped up at an eCommerce company in the area, I reached out and turns out they had been wanting to apply to this company for a very long time. Since I already knew their salary requirements and what they wanted out of their next role, it was a very easy transition and they were hired within a week. 

4 - Save your resume as Last Name - First Name - Resume. Recruiters are looking at 100’s of resumes on a weekly basis and if you label your resume “My Resume” or anything similar, it’s going to be very hard to find your information quickly amongst the sea of resumes in South Florida that recruiters are looking through. 

5 - If you're working with a recruiter and they present you over an opportunity, DO NOT apply directly to the company job posting. If this happens, the recruiter can't help you anymore unfortunately. The main value a recruiter brings to the process is a direct communication line to the hiring manager. You'll be able to skip steps in the interview process by having this relationship and if you apply directly, you will be among hundreds of other people that apply to the job posting.