Ways To Support Working Mothers In Your Organization | Staffing Agency South Florida

Here at Sloane Staffing, a staffing agency in South Florida, we believe 100% in work life balance and we know that balancing work with parenting duties can be a serious struggle. For new moms, making the transition back to work after maternity leave can be a difficult process. However, those organizations that go above and beyond in supporting working parents will benefit from a more loyal, engaged and happy workforce. So, how can you help working mothers in your organization?

1) Offer Remote Work- If you’re able to in your business, consider letting your employees work a proportion of hours from home each week. They can be in office for necessary meetings, but have the flexibility to be home in the mornings to see their children off to school, or pick them up when school lets out in the afternoon.

2) Increase Paid Maternity Leave- Paid maternity leave in the US is ranked as one of the lowest in the country. In Canada, new mothers can expect almost 15 weeks paid maternity leave, with some companies even offering a FULL YEAR. Let your new mother’s have a little extra time off and it will pay off in the end - you won’t be seeing yourself with a turnover issues every time someone in the office “drinks the water.”

3) Offer on-site perks- Mother’s hardly ever want to leave their children, if they are allowed to bring them in to the office, or if your office provides free day care on site where they can still watch over their loved ones, they will be much happier. On-site dry-cleaning, grocery delivery, car services - all of these are necessities for working professionals, but it's tough to get them done during work hours or when you have kids. Consider having these services outsourced for your employees.

The bottom line is, you should always be supportive of working mothers in your organization. If you have any questions about the above call us at 561.512.8989.