Minor Resume Details That Will Make An Employer Pass On Your CV | Employ South Florida

Studies have shown that employers in South Florida only take about six seconds to review a resume and decide on whether or not the candidate should move forward in the hiring process. This may seem rash, but consider how many hundreds of CV’s hiring managers receive and have to review for just one open position when they are looking to employ South Florida. One thing you can do to ensure your resume will stand out among the rest is to format your resume appropriately. When a recruiter in South Florida quickly scans over your CV, make the important details easy for them to find. Leveraging a CV template is always a good idea (you can easily find one through Googling.) Also, it is extremely important to have your resume proofread in advanced of submission. Any documents with grammar or spelling mistakes will just simply not be taken seriously. It can be extremely beneficial to have someone else review your resumes as a fresh set of eyes for mistakes. Another detail that might not be as obvious to everyone in the job market is to have a professional email address set up. For instance, if you just graduated from college, be sure to create an email address that’s not associated with your school, and put that one on your resume. Also, make sure your email address does not include any inappropriate words - a good rule of thumb is to just use your name or initials when creating a professional email address. Quite often, people will forget to actually identify their accomplishments at their previous employers - just writing your job description is not enough. Especially in technical fields such as IT, hiring managers are looking for candidates to satisfy a need in their company and help solve problems. Be sure to focus on what you accomplished at the job, not just spell out what your job was. If you need help with your resume, or have any questions about the above, please reach out to Sloane Staffing before submitting your CV - let's employ South Florida!