Millennial Women Are Currently Dominating The Job Market | Executive Recruiters South Florida


As reported by the Fiscal Times, data shows that millennial women are currently dominating the job market. Today, more than two-thirds of young women are in the workforce, partly due to executive recruiters in South Florida, such as Sloane Staffing. That number is up a whopping 50 percent since 1975! Men have overshadowed women in the job market for decades, enjoying more opportunities such as higher level educations and better-paying jobs. Well, the job market is no longer a man’s world, and women are no longer just simply homemakers. According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau analysis, more millennial women have obtained degrees, put off starting a family, and have joined the workforce, edging out the millennial man for higher paying jobs. Over a third of young women today have a college degree; compare that number to when only less than a quarter were obtaining degrees in 1975. Millennial women are also currently dominating the small business industry, proving to be some of the best entrepreneurs. In addition, they have capitalized on and know how to show off their strengths to catch a hiring manager’s eye. These strengths include communication, diversity, tech savviness, and emotional IQ. If you are a hiring manager in south Florida and you are not considering emotional IQ when interviewing potential new candidates – you should start now. Emotional IQ is considered to be more influential than cognitive intelligence (regular IQ) in management positions. Businesses that focus on emotional IQ during their hiring process have been reported to see a significant increase in profits – as high as 34%. When difficult situations arise in the workforce, women are proven to handle them with a positive attitude and not lash out with a negative reaction, creating a better work environment for everyone. BNP’s annual Global Entrepreneur Report found that when companies are led by women, they make on average 13% more revenue. With the help of executive recruiters in South Florida, millennial women are taking the business world by storm!