Looking To Hire TWO Digital Campaign Managers In Atlanta | Digital Marketing Job Website

Our client in Atlanta is looking to hire not one, but two Digital Campaign Managers.

This is a mid-level role requiring 3+ years experience in marketing, account management, or other relevant leadership roles. Client-facing experience is a plus.

Position Details and Requirements

Does the idea of helping clients improve their business get you just as excited as the idea of developing nationwide marketing campaigns? Are you intrigued by marketing trends, data-driven projects, and finding out how to leverage the “next big thing” in your marketing efforts?

Final question: when faced with a challenge, do you get excited or run away? If it’s the former, keep reading.

If you’re energized by challenging goals, you love problem solving, and you want to be a core part of managing a variety of campaigns that have the potential to drive exponential growth for our clients, you might be the perfect fit for our Digital Campaign Manager role.

The Digital Campaign Manager  will be responsible for managing and supporting digital marketing campaigns for clients by strategizing, implementing, and maintaining digital marketing efforts through a variety of channels - including social media, web retargeting, and more.

In addition, you must be able to coordinate and manage a support team while also collaborating with our client’s executive team to ensure our client’s marketing efforts are aligned with their personal business goals.

This is an opportunity to shape (and improve) the future of our clients’ businesses. It is not a role that we take lightly, because our clients are trusting us with the ability to help them achieve their goals. That is not an opportunity we take for granted, and neither should you.

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Lead the execution of all daily management of marketing programs from start to finish while driving collaboration with the team - you’re the fearless leader on the marketing team

  • Developing and documenting new / better ways to get stuff done. Any and every idea you have will be heard. Seriously.

  • Communicate highly complex technical terms to clients in an easy to digest, simplified way

  • Building genuine relationships with clients as you walk them through the video marketing (and paid marketing) process

  • Provide recommendations to clients on how to improve upon their digital presence

  • Figure out what the “next best thing” is (and the next best thing after that) to gather customer and market insights so you can  develop strategies, increase customer conversions, and generate more qualified leads that result in hitting monthly goals (because we hate missing goals)

  • Monitor all marketing data with a fine tooth comb to ensure every campaign is optimized, effective, and driving results. If it’s not, you know what to do.

  • Create beautiful, organized, preferably color-coded reports on all marketing data to present to senior leaders on a weekly basis

  • Have a working knowledge of all clients’ current priorities, open projects, and opportunities for upsell or renewal


Our requirements are pretty straightforward. To qualify you must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience

  • Display a strong aptitude for Marketing and Sales (i.e. you actually know what you’re talking about, you didn’t have to google ABM/SEO/PPC on your way to the interview)

  • Be able to work well under pressure -- you can rock it out with short deadlines, and “No” or “That’s not my job” aren’t part of your vocabulary

  • Be willing and able not only to meet goals, but to absolutely crush them

  • Be comfortable with leading and collaborating in a team-oriented environment (your team is your group of ride-or-dies, they’ll help you achieve those goals from the last bullet point)

  • You can catch a typo from a mile away and you’re comfortable in client-facing roles

  • Have the organizational capabilities needed to manage multiple campaigns and not let the ball drop on any of them

  • Hit all of your deadlines and do what you say you are going to do. Kick ass every day.

  • Advanced Excel experience a plus.

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript experience a plus.

Past Experience Desired (but not required):

  • 3+ years of experience within a fast paced and transactional environment preferred

You can view the full job description here. Send a resume with a cover letter to lindsey@sloane-staffing.com to apply!