Looking To Hire A Director Of Sales In Atlanta | Digital Marketing Job Website

Our client in Atlanta, a digital marketing agency, would like to find the absolute best Director of Sales, essentially the Bill Belichick of Sales. This person will make a huge impact in the effectiveness, growth, and performance of our client’s sales team. Their organization will be able to continue to grow and scale at a rapid pace with a dedicated leader over the Sales Department. They will ensure the sales team receives the support, training, growth, and development they need to succeed. The right individual has been personally accountable for leading their sales team to over $22M+ annual revenue (aka, they've "been there" before.) They are able to take complete ownership over Sales Department and accountability for Sales Department hitting monthly sales targets (e.g. client, revenue goals, quotas, etc.) through effective strategy, coaching, and execution. They are able to effectively lead, manage, and develop sales reps, making sure each one is living up to the expectations of the organization and is hitting goals. They’re not afraid to pick up the phone and demonstrate how to make things happen. They love organization, have insane attention to detail, are extremely data/metric-driven, and can comprehensively audit systems and processes to ensure compliance and sales team success. They are able to instill strong sales team culture, keeps sales reps engaged/motivated, and ensure consistent buy-in, while maintaining high-standards. They possess strong emotional intelligence/empathy, consistent, and effective -- they’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves, they don't make excuses, and they always finds a way. This person has 3+ years of experience in sales management — leading training, developing, hiring, growing at least a sales team of at least 6+ people. They must be SMART, HUNGRY, AND HUMBLE. If this is you or anyone you may know, send a resume and a cover letter to lindsey@sloane-staffing.com. You can view the full job description here.