What to do when being laid off in Delray Beach | Hiring Agency Delray Beach

Were you recently let go from your company? Don’t panic. Being selected to be laid off is often just bad luck. You can and will bounce back from this. One of the first things you should do after being laid off, or even if you suspect you may be getting let go soon, is to contact a hiring agency in Delray Beach, such as Sloane Staffing, a hiring agency in Delray Beach, immediately. Reach out to a recruiter to get support in your job search and let them know about your situation. They will start the job hunt for you straightaway for jobs hiring in South Florida and the best part about it, there's no cost to you! Be honest and don’t hide the fact that you’ve been laid off, it can actually work to your advantage – you won’t have to explain why you left your last job and you don't have to put a two weeks notice so you can start immediately. If you do, you can simply say you were eliminated as part of a downsizing. The right recruiter will reach out to their expansive network, putting word out there that a qualified candidate has recently hit the market and is now available. This will definitely reduce your time of unemployment. Be sure to fix up your resume to the best of your ability, and provide your recruiter with a fully updated copy. The sooner they have that updated document, the sooner they can find you your next perfect fit. Leveraging a staffing agency always results in a faster hiring process. They will advertise you on your behalf, and often move your resume to the “top of the pile” by getting it directly in front of a hiring manager’s eyes – so you’re not waiting away for a phone call back from some HR department. Look ahead to your future, don’t let the layoff destroy your confidence, and let Sloane Staffing help find your next role today! Contact a hiring agency in Delray Beach today.