How To Look For A New Job While You’re Still Employed | Employ Delray Beach

Looking for a new job in 2018? Look no further. When you are still working but have decided it’s time to move on from your current role, the first thing you should do is contact a recruitment agency, such as SloaneStaffing - call us at 561.512.8989. Our main goal is to employ South Florida. We can help you make the easy transition into a new role that better suits your experience. Some of our top tips for looking for a job while still employed and not ruining your current employment situation include updating your resume with your current role’s experience. It is imperative to always keep an updated resume on hand – you never know when a staffing agency in South Florida is going to call you about that next perfect job. Also, do not use company phones or devices to update your resume or apply for jobs. You won’t be able to keep your job search a secret as most companies monitor their employee’s use of their phones, computers, fax machines, etc. Trust us, they are tracking you. This includes looking for a new job “on the clock,” which is another big no no. If you are using your time on the clock to do something that is considered a non-work purpose, your company will have no problem firing you as this probably violates their company policies. Don’t forget to use past employers as your reference. If you put down your current employer as a reference and they get a phone call, you will blind side them. Call Sloane Staffing today, an IT recruitment company in South Florida, and let us employ South Florida and do all of this work for you while you continue to work your day job. Because you are much more desirable by nature to hiring managers if you are currently working than if you have been unemployed for months.