How To Get More Followers On Your LinkedIn Business Page | Digital Marketing Job Website, a digital marketing job website, recently discovered a new feature that has rolled out on LinkedIn for business owners to gain more followers to their page. We know, cool right?! Similar to how Facebook allows you to invite your friends and family to “like” your Facebook page, that feature is now available to SOME LinkedIn business pages. We say some, because not even Sloane Staffing has the feature yet. We have all waited a long time for this feature, and it seems LinkedIn is finally catching up with their 'Invite Contacts' feature within some LinkedIn Company Page admin items. This feature is gradually being rolled out to Company Page admins, therefore you may not see all options at this time. To check if you are one of the lucky business pages that have received this new feature, simply have the admin of your page sign in to LinkedIn and go to the administrator view of your page. On the far right hand side of the page, next to “Administrator Tools” you may or may not have a blue button that says NEW. If you do, then you most likely have received the new function in the last LinkedIn update. Click on the drop down menu for Administrator Tools and under the “Expand Your Reach” section, you might now have a function that says “Invite Contacts” with a blue button next to it. If so, click on it to start inviting your LinkedIn connections. If you have the option, you are one of the lucky ones! Having connections like your business page is a great way to grow your overall social media presence.