Healthy Habits For Remote Work | Help Employing South Florida

Here at Sloane Staffing, we are working tirelessly to help employ South Florida. One of the most common questions we are asked by candidates who are looking for a new job is, “does the company offer remote opportunities?” Working remote, and more flexible hours, sometimes referred to as “flex time”, is becoming increasingly popular, especially with millennials. We all know working from home has it’s perks. Working from your couch, or your bed, can be extremely comfortable, but people often find themselves stuck in a rut when at home all day. Here are some of our tips to help combat that.

  1. Get dressed. We know this sounds so simple, but make it a point to get out of your pajamas - especially if you have Skype or video calls!

  2. Set up a routine. Just like you would in an office. This will keep you on track and help you focus throughout the day.

  3. Make it a point to leave the house. Getting out in the public, and for some fresh air, will boost your overall mood. Take a fitness class at lunch or walk your dog.

  4. Listen to music. Build playlists, and search for new music to keep your brain guessing.

  5. Focus on productivity. Remember, your boss is not paying you to clean your room, or fix that old birdhouse you’ve been meaning to get to.

  6. Stay off of the TV. It’s east to get sucked into an entire day of Netflix. Don’t even turn the TV on for the weather or the news - it starts with this and ends with you binge watching eight seasons of Friends.

If you think you’ve become a little too settled in your work from home position, let us know! We want to hear from you - what do you do to avoid getting stuck in the rut?