Employee Feedback: Why It Should Be A Top Priority In Your Office | Digital Marketing Job Website

Sloane Staffing is a Digital Marketing Job Website and we often love to post content on how to “up your office game.” People always wonder if employee feedback is important in their work environment, and we say absolutely YES! So important in fact that you should make this a priority in your company. Providing feedback, both positive and negative, is a key element in sustaining employees through the employee life cycle. We know it can be tough to give negative feedback, such as constructive criticism and even dishing things out like suspensions. That’s why you should come prepared to the conversation you are going to have with your employee. Make sure you think about what you are going to say and don’t rush the conversation if you are not ready. Be sure to also tailor your feedback to the individual, each person receives feedback differently and the more you know about your employees the better able you are to improve their performance. It can also help to quantify your performance - come prepared with stats, data, policies etc. to share and make your point. Also let the employee share, allow them a chance to comment and provide information. It can also help to make the feedback less personal by not using “you.” Don’t wait too long to give the employee feedback after something has happened, so you can comment on exactly what needs to be changed. And when the employee does make a change, be sure to vocalize that you recognize and appreciate the change. Remember, it’s important to give feedback to your employees on a regular basis. You will feel better and believe us, your employees will feel and appreciate your sincerity. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 561-512-8989.