Around The World In 35 Days: How We Successfully Ran Our Business Remote While Traveling This Summer

If you’re new to our page, you might want to start from the beginning. My husband and I recently both left our corporate jobs (at Kroger & Adobe) to become our own bosses. We’ve both always dreamed of working for ourselves and made the leap to go all in with our recruiting company, Sloane Staffing (yes, our logo is a caricature of our dog, Sloane, but that’s an entirely different story, we could literally talk about her all day!) We’ve always been fascinated by the idea of working from anywhere in the world, and succeeding at it, so we decided to give it a try on our honeymoon. For the last 5 weeks this summer, we traveled to over 10 countries, working against the traditional office schedule, while living out the true digital nomad lifestyle. So, how did we make it all the way around the world and still manage to find six candidates new jobs (Web Developers, Executive Assistants, Paid Search, etc.) all in the month of July? 

First and foremost, WIFI!! WiFi is your best friend when traveling and is essential to running a business remotely, and connecting to the WiFi was the very first thing we did upon check-in at each hotel. Do your research regarding speedy Wifi’s, and change hotels/hostels/AirBNB’s if you must, because you will find it hard to survive without a strong internet connection. 

Next, adjust to your client’s timezone. This one can be tricky, because we have clients all over the U.S. It became confusing trying to figure out when was an appropriate time to call/text/set up interviews and schedule meetings for our clients, and only got harder the further we traveled (being 13 hours ahead while in Tokyo proved tougher than we thought, lots of referring back to the world clock app on our iPhones!) This meant scheduling our sightseeing adventures around our client’s calendars. For example, when we were in Greece, 7 hours ahead, we made sure we were back at our hotel everyday at 3pm our time (to jump on that speedy WiFi connection mentioned above), so we could start the morning with our clients on the East Coast of the U.S. at 8am.

Finally, if you’re like us and love what you do, it can be hard to peel yourself away from your work to enjoy the world around you. Set limits for yourself, and know when to shut down and call it a day. You’ve chosen to work remote so you can enjoy more of life, after all! If you are a hiring manager (a current client of ours or not), we encourage you to offer more remote work for your employees. It is, above all, the number one question we get asked when pre—qualifying candidates!