7 Simple Ways To Streamline Your Interview Process

When it comes to recruiting, time is of the essence. When someone leaves, it can take a long time to find a replacement. Here are some ways you can fine tune your interview process.

1) Start with an accurate job description. Make sure your job title is clear and contains keywords ideal candidates would search for.

2) Make Your Job Postings Easy To Find. Be sure to regularly update your company’s website and Linked/Facebook profiles so both candidates and recruiters know exactly what you’re looking for.

3) Prepare! Be sure to prepare interview questions ahead of time. Use your job description to draft interview questions, but also refer to the candidate’s CV for more questions like why did they leave the previous company after only 6 months?

4) Connect with candidates before in-person interviews. It’s OK to reach out to candidates prior to their in-person interviews with questions via phone, email, or even LinkedIn.

5) Get logistics in order. Book the place where you intend to do the interview. Plan a private space for the entire duration of the interview and add on an extra 30 minutes in case it goes long. And, be sure to check that everyone, even the candidate’s, calendars are clear during that time for the interview.

6) Select the right interviewers. Make sure you have key team members, who will be working alongside this employee, in the first (and hopefully only) in-person interview.

7) Don’t waste time with your decision. If your team knows they want this candidate, it’s OK to offer the job on the spot. Don’t dwell or you could lose them, it is an ideal candidate market right now!