How To Make The Most Of Your Interview When Hiring | Now Hiring Delray Beach

Now hiring in Delray Beach? If so, it can benefit your organization to creatively assess your prospective new hires, rather than asking the typical interview questions. An interview is your opportunity to get to know your potential new hires on a more personal level. Try switching up your normal interview routine. For instance, it can be extremely telling, and a little fun, to ask an out-of-the box interview question. It’s also a good way to loosen up the interview process. For example, try asking something like “If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?” Or, “A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?” These off the wall interview questions will force the candidate to think creatively on their feet, and might even get a laugh out of them. Another, more difficult to answer question that will reveal how much your candidate knows about your company, is to ask “If you were the CEO here, what would you do differently if you ran the company?” This will ensure if your candidate has done their homework and research on your organization, and if they might be a good fit or not in your office. You may also ask “What has our company/what is our company doing wrong” or “what can we change here.” Who knows, you might learn something your business could benefit from. The end goal of every interview process is to find the perfect new hire for your particular organization. If you are now hiring in Delray Beach, reach out to us at Sloane Staffing to help with all of your hiring needs. Call 561.512.8989 today!

Graduating From College Soon? Here’s How To Find Permanent Work | Executive Recruiters South Florida

If you’re graduating from college this spring and looking to find work in the “real world,” there are a few options out there you might have not thought about to launch your post-grad career. For instance, reach out to an executive recruiter in South Florida. Staffing agencies will help you land a job at no cost to you. Be sure to update your resume and reach out to a staffing agency, such as Sloane Staffing, to let them know you are about to graduate and are in the job market. Recruiters have close relationships with hiring managers, and will often get your resume to the top of the pile, beating out hundreds of other candidates. Staffing agencies will also help place you at a company that you are culturally fit for. In addition, consider taking on a contract role, even though this may not be your first choice. More often then none, contract roles turn into full time positions. They are a great way to meet people internally at the company you work at, form connections, mingle with other hiring managers, and put you in a position in front of upper-level leadership. If you do your job well, your contract will usually be extended, or even better, you will be brought on full time. Think of it as a “try before you hire” process. This also gives you the opportunity to test out the company, and if you don’t like it, you are not obligated to stay. These types of positions can be ideal for jump starting your career. If you are about to graduate from college and are seeking employment, use these tips to your advantage. Reach out to the recruitment team here at Sloane Staffing with any questions!

3 Things To Do After The Job Interview | Now Hiring Delray Beach

Have you recently landed a job interview with one of the companies now hiring in Delray Beach? Practicing your interview questions and answers? It’s great to be prepared for you job interview, but the interview is just the beginning. It is equally important to leave a good impression AFTER the interview is over, as this is your last opportunity to to make your mark on your potential new employer. Here are some post-interview tips to help make you stand out.

  1. Send a thoughtful followup note or email. Within 24 hours of your interview, Take a few minutes to send a quick email to the person or persons you interviewed with. Aren’t able to get their email addresses? Sending a personalized hand-written note to their office is even better.
  2. Record some notes from the interview. Even if you have to quickly jot down some notes in your car immediately following the interview, try and write down as many pertinent details as you can remember. This information will be helpful to you when sending your follow up note.
  3. Give feedback to your recruiter or HR contact. If you are working with a staffing company like Sloane Staffing, give your feedback right away to your recruiter. Be honest with them on how you think they interview went, and tell them everything you can remember. Then, the recruiter will be able to give you the feedback he received from the hiring manager. 

Congratulations on landing the job interview, but remember the work is not over when you walk out of the interview! Follow our tips above to help make you stand out from other candidates. 

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you do after a job interview. Leave us a comment!

The Top 4 Reasons Why Employers Need A Staffing Agency | Staffing Delray Beach

Are you having trouble trying to recruit on your own? Overwhelmed by reviewing resumes, conducting searches, running background checks, and scheduling interviews? You might be in need of help from a recruitment agency, such as Sloane Staffing – a staffing firm in Delray Beach that specializes in temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire staffing solutions for a wide variety of positions in sales, marketing, and IT/software development. Finding the perfect employee for your company is time consuming. Here are the top four reasons why employers need a staffing agency to do all of that work for them.

1)      Staffing Agencies Leverage Their Network – staffing agencies are able to leverage their deep network of talent to find you the perfect new hire, fast. Quite often, the top talent in the industries don’t go searching for new jobs or even post their resumes on hiring sites such as Indeed. They have built relationships over the years with their recruiters and will rely on them to find new opportunities.

2)      Staffing Agencies Have The Resources – they have the tools and time it takes to hire a new candidate, such as reviewing resumes and applications, conducting phone and virtual screenings, and checking backgrounds and references

3)      Staffing Agencies Can Save You Money – it is very common for a companies’ HR department to waste not only time but money when it comes to hiring new candidates. It is not uncommon to have an HR generalist attempting to hire a very specific and skilled IT employee, when that person doing the initial interviewing has absolutely zero experience in that field.

4)      Staffing Agencies Understand Your Needs – referring to the point above, here is where recruiters really stand out. Here at Sloane Staffing, we have worked these very technical jobs and have experience in these roles (often unlike your HR department.) We take the time to work with these candidates to understand if they are the right fit or not for your organization.

It’s a smart idea to leverage a staffing company in Delray Beach to help with all of your hiring needs. Let them do the work that takes up so much of your time, so you can focus on your business!

How To Respond To Illegal Interview Questions | Delray Beach Jobs Hiring

If you’ve recently landed one of the Delray Beach jobs that are hiring, or are going in for an interview in South Florida, it’s always a good idea to be over prepared to land the job. Unfortunately, you may experience some uncomfortable questions during your interview, and it’s best to know how to handle these situations. Any questions that bring up your age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or religion are off-limits. An employer might ask you one of these (illegal) questions: 

-How old are you? Are you a baby boomer? 

-When did you graduate from high school? How long have you been working?

-Are you married? Is that a heterosexual or homosexual relationship? What does your husband/wife do for a living?

-Is English your native (first) language?

-Are you pregnant? Do you have any children? Do you plan to have children soon?

-What religious holidays do you practice? 

-What is your ethnicity? 

-What country are you from?

-Have you experienced any serious illnesses in the past year?

-Do you have any outstanding debt? 

-Do you socially drink? How’s your health?

Always remember that these questions are illegal for an interviewer to ask you and under no circumstance do you need to answer. We always suggest that it is best to refuse to answer the question. However, if you are comfortable with the interviewer, maybe you know this person or have met them before, and you believe their intentions are honorable, it’s OK to answer. We suggest practicing your answers to some of these questions before your interview in case they do come up. Remember, don’t be afraid to refuse to answer these questions when in an interview for a Delray Beach job that is hiring. 

2018 First Quarter Staffing Review | Executive Recruiters South Florida

As the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close, it’s important for both hiring managers and executive recruiters in south Florida to monitor staffing statistics thus far in the year. Understanding these will help you find and retain talent and grow your organizations. Some top recruiting trends for the year are:

-Technology and talent are CEOs' top two business priorities. 

-42% of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need.

-40 percent of employees surveyed said they plan on changing jobs in 2018.

-55% of job seekers abandon applications after reading negative reviews about a company online.

-54% of small business owners reported few or no qualified applicants for the open positions they were offering. 

-The interview process takes 24.4 days for Internet & Tech jobs and 23.9 days for Computer Software and Hardware positions.

-73% of developers code as a hobby.

-61% of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017.

-98% of candidates who had a positive experience at a company would refer others to apply.

-79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search.

-Nearly 80% of Millennials look for people and culture fit with employers, followed by career potential. 

-51% of those who have jobs are searching for new ones or watching for openings.

-61% of job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand. 

For hiring managers, HR teams, and executive recruiters in South Florida, it’s important to understand what the experts are saying. The world of recruitment is in constant motion, and we hope these first quarter statistics help you prepare for the year ahead!

15 Ways To Reward And Recognize Your Employees | Employ South Florida

Are you one of the many companies that employ South Florida who are wondering how you can reward and recognize your employees? It’s so important to make time to praise employees for a job well done. According to Dr. Bob Nelson, 58 percent of workers say that they seldom if ever receive a "thank you" from their boss. Recognition means acknowledging someone before their peers for specific accomplishments achieved, actions taken or attitudes exemplified through their behavior. Recognizing and rewarding your employees effectively is crucial for retaining top talent and keeping your employees happy. Here are our top 15 ways to reward and recognize your team.

1)      Host one-on-one lunches

2)      Write hand written thank you notes

3)      Recognize birthdays

4)      Gift out gas or coffee gift cards

5)      Give them an extra day off (with pay)

6)      Bring breakfast for the office

7)      Set up a reserved parking space near the office front door

8)      Bring in a masseuse to offer free massages

9)      Reward with company-paid iPhones or iPads

10)   Flexible Hours

11)   Let your employee be the CEO for the day

12)   Host an after-work get together, like a happy hour, on your tab

13)   Serve lunch to your team

14)   Set up a “brag board” in the office, where you can show off employee of the month or quarter

15)   Host a “bring your dog to work day” – our personal favorite!

Rewards are a powerful tool used for employee engagement. It’s a proven fact that employees are happier and perform better when they are rewarded. If you employ South Florida, it’s important to invest in your employees – it will pay off in the long run! Reach out to someone on the Sloane Staffing team today if you have any questions, or would like to add how you reward your employees to our list!

IT Project Challenges Businesses Are Facing This Year | IT Staffing Delray Beach

As the IT Staffing Delray Beach industry continues to thrive, it experiences some growing pains along the way. There is a lot happening in technology today, and as IT departments continue to adapt to their roles within the enterprise, it is not uncommon for them to face new challenges, the biggest and most obvious being talent. IT talent is some of the hardest to come by, and certain candidates are solely interested in project work. A full-time, in-house employment opportunity does not appeal to all IT candidates, and some are so dedicated to their recruiters that they are only willing to work with them and on the projects they place them. You could be missing out on some of the top-tier IT talent out there! Our recommendation? Leverage a staffing company, such as Sloane Staffing, IT Staffing Delray Beach, as recruiters have the ears of top-tier talent. Another issue hiring managers often face when trying to hire on their own and not using a staffing agency, is finding critical thinkers. Critical thinkers with a high level of emotional intelligence are dire to IT projects. These employees will think outside of the box, often taking their job one step further, and asking themselves questions such as “Is it possible to apply this to another business unit?” With critical thinking comes experience, another must have trait when looking for IT talent for your business. The best companies in the area are fighting over the best talent in the area. Leveraging a staffing agency like Sloane Staffing, IT Staffing Delray Beach, will give you quicker access to those candidates your business needs, beating out other hiring managers in the search. If hiring for IT Staffing Delray Beach, contact us today and we will help you fill those technical roles with quality candidates.

IT Project Challenges Businesses Are Facing This Year | IT Staffing Delray Beach

As the IT Staffing Delray Beach industry continues to thrive, it experiences some growing pains along the way. There is a lot happening in technology today, and as IT departments continue to adapt to their roles within the enterprise, it is not uncommon for them to face new challenges, the biggest and most obvious being talent. IT talent is some of the hardest to come by, and certain candidates are solely interested in project work. A full-time, in-house employment opportunity does not appeal to all IT candidates, and some are so dedicated to their recruiters that they are only willing to work with them and on the projects they place them. You could be missing out on some of the top-tier IT talent out there! Our recommendation? Leverage a staffing company, such as Sloane Staffing, as recruiters have the ears of top-tier talent. Another issue hiring managers often face when trying to hire on their own and not using a staffing agency, is finding critical thinkers. Critical thinkers with a high level of emotional intelligence are dire to IT projects. These employees will think outside of the box, often taking their job one step further, and asking themselves questions such as “Is it possible to apply this to another business unit?” With critical thinking comes experience, another must have trait when looking for IT talent for your business. The best companies in the area are fighting over the best talent in the area. Leveraging a staffing agency like Sloane Staffing will give you quicker access to those candidates your business needs, beating out other hiring managers in the search. If hiring for IT Staffing Delray Beach, contact us today and we will help you fill those technical roles with quality candidates.

Three Ways To Ace Your Job Interview | Delray Beach Jobs Hiring

So you’ve landed a job interview with one of the coveted Delray Beach jobs that are currently hiring. Maybe you’ve been working with a staffing firm in Delray, such as Sloane Staffing, to help secure you the interview you’ve always wanted. If you are wondering what you can do to ace that big interview, here are just a few of our favorite tips.

1) Research and Role Play For The Interview

Prior to your interview, do some research about the company. Look them up online, research their competitors, learn about some of their recent accomplishments. Find out what you can so you aren’t walking in to the building completely blind about the company and what it is that they do. It’s also a good idea to practice for the interview. Whether that’s reciting some lines in front of the mirror by yourself, or using a friend to ask you some of the most common interview questions.

2) Dress To Impress

When doing research about the company, try and investigate what the culture and the dress code are like. Ask your recruiter you have been working with or the hiring manager you had a phone interview with how they would suggest you dress for the in-person interview. Even if their work environment seems business casual, and even if your interview is on “casual Friday,” you will still want to probably wear business formal attire on your first visit to the building. Remember, first impressions are everything! 

3) Follow Up After Your Interview

This may come as a surprise, but some people forget to follow up with a “thank you” after their interview. This can be done with a hand written note or a simple email. This step is crucial as skipping it can take you out of the running for the job. A thank you note also gives you the opportunity to touch on some points that weren’t discussed in the meeting, or even ask some questions you forgot to ask while you were in the building. We like Forbes’ ways to follow up after an interview.

Follow these steps above to ace your job interview and show those Delray Beach jobs hiring that you are a professional and you take your job seriously. 

Technologies To Invest In For Your IT Career | IT Staffing Delray Beach

It was recently reported by Dice that the unemployment rate in the IT field stands at 2.5%. Good news for all of you tech professionals out there! But how do you ensure you remain in high demand to employers? When hiring for IT staffing in Delray Beach, managers will be interested in the following technologies – consider in investing in them to further your career.  

1)      The Cloud: secure yourself as that employee who has the skills to safely and securely migrate a business’s data and applications to the cloud for the first time, or migrate them from one cloud environment to another.

2)      Cybersecurity Technology: including but not limited to data security, cloud access, cyberattack deception, fraud detection, app security, information rights management, behavioral analytics, etc.

3)      Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: I think we can all agree that AI is the most exciting technology currently out there. From self-driving cars to robots, big companies show no sign of slowing down when investing in robotics and artificial intelligence. In fact, Forbes reported that that 62% of companies will be using artificial intelligence in their operations by next year. Companies are investing in hot AI technologies such as speed recognition, biometrics, and robotic process automation at an alarmingly high rate.

4)      Big Data Analytics: last but certainly not least, as demand is at an all-time high here. Show you have the expertise in the niche of big data and analytics, and you will be set in your career.

The technology industry continues to outperform the overall U.S. labor market. If you have any questions in the above listed technologies, or about IT staffing in Delray Beach, call Sloane Staffing today! 561.512.8989.

We Are More Than Just A Hiring Agency In Delray Beach; We Are Consultants | Now Hiring Delray Beach

Here at Sloane Staffing, we are more than just a hiring agency in Delray Beach. We are doing more than just filling jobs. We act as consultants to both our clients and our candidates. On the client side, we help our clientele save both time and money by doing the grunt work of staffing. When hiring with Sloane Staffing, we provide the following benefits. We comb through endless amounts of resumes to find ideal candidates, and take the time to set up and schedule interviews with them. We will essentially “weed out” any candidates we don’t feel are a perfect fit for your company, and will only present over those we believe that are top quality. We also take the time to analyze those resumes that were submitted, but necessarily did not have the exact job title requested. Top candidates are often overlooked by this small detail, but may actually possess exactly what you’re looking for – let us do this work for you. We will also ask those questions you don’t know how to ask, or may not think to ask. For example, if you are unsure of appropriate compensation for the role you are hiring for, we are happy to provide market research that shows what other employees are making in that role, in that industry. This is our way of providing consulting services to you, our clientele. Let us field those tricky questions and have those time consuming conversations on your behalf. Quite often, hiring managers miss out on great candidates because they take too long to hire them. When you hire a recruiting agency to do the work for you, all of these problems will no longer be yours. So what’s stopping you from hiring a staffing agency? Read more about why we are more than just a hiring agency In Delray Beach. We Are Consultants.  

How To Look For A New Job While You’re Still Employed | Employ Delray Beach

Looking for a new job in 2018? Look no further. When you are still working but have decided it’s time to move on from your current role, the first thing you should do is contact a recruitment agency, such as SloaneStaffing - call us at 561.512.8989. Our main goal is to employ South Florida. We can help you make the easy transition into a new role that better suits your experience. Some of our top tips for looking for a job while still employed and not ruining your current employment situation include updating your resume with your current role’s experience. It is imperative to always keep an updated resume on hand – you never know when a staffing agency in South Florida is going to call you about that next perfect job. Also, do not use company phones or devices to update your resume or apply for jobs. You won’t be able to keep your job search a secret as most companies monitor their employee’s use of their phones, computers, fax machines, etc. Trust us, they are tracking you. This includes looking for a new job “on the clock,” which is another big no no. If you are using your time on the clock to do something that is considered a non-work purpose, your company will have no problem firing you as this probably violates their company policies. Don’t forget to use past employers as your reference. If you put down your current employer as a reference and they get a phone call, you will blind side them. Call Sloane Staffing today, an IT recruitment company in South Florida, and let us employ South Florida and do all of this work for you while you continue to work your day job. Because you are much more desirable by nature to hiring managers if you are currently working than if you have been unemployed for months.

Minor Resume Details That Will Make An Employer Pass On Your CV | Employ South Florida

Studies have shown that employers in South Florida only take about six seconds to review a resume and decide on whether or not the candidate should move forward in the hiring process. This may seem rash, but consider how many hundreds of CV’s hiring managers receive and have to review for just one open position when they are looking to employ South Florida. One thing you can do to ensure your resume will stand out among the rest is to format your resume appropriately. When a recruiter in South Florida quickly scans over your CV, make the important details easy for them to find. Leveraging a CV template is always a good idea (you can easily find one through Googling.) Also, it is extremely important to have your resume proofread in advanced of submission. Any documents with grammar or spelling mistakes will just simply not be taken seriously. It can be extremely beneficial to have someone else review your resumes as a fresh set of eyes for mistakes. Another detail that might not be as obvious to everyone in the job market is to have a professional email address set up. For instance, if you just graduated from college, be sure to create an email address that’s not associated with your school, and put that one on your resume. Also, make sure your email address does not include any inappropriate words - a good rule of thumb is to just use your name or initials when creating a professional email address. Quite often, people will forget to actually identify their accomplishments at their previous employers - just writing your job description is not enough. Especially in technical fields such as IT, hiring managers are looking for candidates to satisfy a need in their company and help solve problems. Be sure to focus on what you accomplished at the job, not just spell out what your job was. If you need help with your resume, or have any questions about the above, please reach out to Sloane Staffing before submitting your CV - let's employ South Florida!


Millennial Women Are Currently Dominating The Job Market | Executive Recruiters South Florida


As reported by the Fiscal Times, data shows that millennial women are currently dominating the job market. Today, more than two-thirds of young women are in the workforce, partly due to executive recruiters in South Florida, such as Sloane Staffing. That number is up a whopping 50 percent since 1975! Men have overshadowed women in the job market for decades, enjoying more opportunities such as higher level educations and better-paying jobs. Well, the job market is no longer a man’s world, and women are no longer just simply homemakers. According to a recent U.S. Census Bureau analysis, more millennial women have obtained degrees, put off starting a family, and have joined the workforce, edging out the millennial man for higher paying jobs. Over a third of young women today have a college degree; compare that number to when only less than a quarter were obtaining degrees in 1975. Millennial women are also currently dominating the small business industry, proving to be some of the best entrepreneurs. In addition, they have capitalized on and know how to show off their strengths to catch a hiring manager’s eye. These strengths include communication, diversity, tech savviness, and emotional IQ. If you are a hiring manager in south Florida and you are not considering emotional IQ when interviewing potential new candidates – you should start now. Emotional IQ is considered to be more influential than cognitive intelligence (regular IQ) in management positions. Businesses that focus on emotional IQ during their hiring process have been reported to see a significant increase in profits – as high as 34%. When difficult situations arise in the workforce, women are proven to handle them with a positive attitude and not lash out with a negative reaction, creating a better work environment for everyone. BNP’s annual Global Entrepreneur Report found that when companies are led by women, they make on average 13% more revenue. With the help of executive recruiters in South Florida, millennial women are taking the business world by storm!

5 Tips For Job Seekers in South Florida Looking For a New Career | Employ South Florida

Looking for a new career? Follow these steps below to employ South Florida!

1 - Switch your open to new opportunities section on LinkedIn to open. This tells recruiters that you are open to new opportunities. Make sure to fill out as much as possible about the job that you want to have. For example, if you’ve recently re-located to Delray Beach, FL and are interested in a Director of Digital Marketing position, fill that out in the profile. Your current company won’t see that and it makes it very easy for recruiters to send positions that fit what you’re looking for. 

2 - Change your voicemail. Don't have the generic "you've reached 561.512.8989" that your iphone comes with. Make it personalized. Here's an example script to go by: Hi this is John Smith, Digital Marketing Manager, you've reached my voicemail. Please leave a message or text me and I'll get back to you ASAP". Thanks. 

3 - ALWAYS respond to recruiters that are reaching out to you. LinkedIn inMails are very  expensive and if you don’t accept, recruiters won’t be able to keep an open conversation going. I interviewed someone two months ago for a Senior Pay Per Click Manager position in Boca Raton and the candidate told me that they wanted to work more north in West Palm Beach. A Digital Marketing Manager role popped up at an eCommerce company in the area, I reached out and turns out they had been wanting to apply to this company for a very long time. Since I already knew their salary requirements and what they wanted out of their next role, it was a very easy transition and they were hired within a week. 

4 - Save your resume as Last Name - First Name - Resume. Recruiters are looking at 100’s of resumes on a weekly basis and if you label your resume “My Resume” or anything similar, it’s going to be very hard to find your information quickly amongst the sea of resumes in South Florida that recruiters are looking through. 

5 - If you're working with a recruiter and they present you over an opportunity, DO NOT apply directly to the company job posting. If this happens, the recruiter can't help you anymore unfortunately. The main value a recruiter brings to the process is a direct communication line to the hiring manager. You'll be able to skip steps in the interview process by having this relationship and if you apply directly, you will be among hundreds of other people that apply to the job posting. 

Contact Sloane Staffing with any questions, help us employ you and South Florida today!

How To Adjust Your Interview Process To Make Better Hires | Now Hiring Delray Beach

Are you now hiring in Delray Beach? One of the best ways to improve your business’ bottom line is to hire the most qualified and capable talent available. A strong, skilled workforce will ultimately set your company up for success, beating out your competitors in the long run. But how do you ensure you are securing the best possible talent for your business, with all of the other jobs hiring in South Florida? It is important to iron out the details of your company’s interview process prior to bringing candidates in for interviews, so no time is wasted when they are there in person. Be sure to communicate with the other hiring team members beforehand and establish exactly what criteria it is your looking to hire. If possible, open up your talent pools to include people with all types of disabilities, including those who are neurodiverse. To conduct a successful interview, be sure to bring any interview checklists that contain the items that will be essential to a person’s ability to perform the job. This way you can cross-reference the list during the interview. Don’t forget to ask about any training the potential new hire has had prior to this role that may benefit your company, or any training they will need if they are brought on as a new employee. If and when you are ready to introduce the candidate to a group interview process, don’t ignore the social factor here – not everyone is great in front of crowds. If they perform better in one on one situations, use that as a learning when deciding on hiring or not. And remember, the potential new candidate is interviewing you and your company as well to decide on whether or not they want to work there with you and your team – just as much as you are interviewing them. If you are now hiring in Delray Beach, reach out to a recruitment agency in Delray Beach, such as Sloane Staffing, with any questions. Just call 561.512.8989!

South Florida Staffing Statistics at a Glance | Executive Recruiters South Florida

Executive Recruiters in South Florida provide business organizations with employees for positions in all sectors of employment, from industrial to clerical to professional. There are over 17,000 staffing firms operating approximately 35,000 offices in the United States. It has been reported that staffing and recruiting agencies provide job opportunities to nearly 15 million people per year, proving themselves to be a vital part of the U.S. economy. But how does this apply to the state of Florida, and specifically our local area, with jobs hiring in South Florida? Well, in 2016 alone, recruiting agencies employed 652,100 workers in Florida in an estimated over 1,900 offices. That staggeringly large number just proves how valuable the right staffing agency can be to your workforce. Of those employed, 53% were male, while 47% were female, with an age demographic ranging all the way from 19 to 64 years old. If you are thinking of leveraging a recruiting agency, such as Sloane Staffing, to help with your hiring needs - now is the time. The staffing industry is set to reach a record $142.4 billion in revenue and will continue to rise. The recruiting and staffing industry has been growing faster than gross domestic product and overall employment at rates unlike any prior recovery. Busy hiring managers are quickly learning that with the right staffing agency at their fingertips, they will save time, money, and resources when trying to fill their open positions. Effective management of staff is essential to ensuring your workplace runs efficiently and smoothly, and that the right employees are in the right positions. The recruiting, staffing, and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy by providing excellent career opportunities for millions of employees per year. Call Sloane Staffing, executive recruiters in South Florida, today to start receiving and hire qualified candidates!

Sloane Staffing, Recruitment Agency Delray Beach, Year In Review | Staffing Delray Beach

Sloane Staffing, a recruitment agency in Delray Beach, can help you access talent and save time and money when hiring for temporary, temp-to-hire, & direct hire positions. In addition to placing candidates in Sales (Director/VP of Sales, Account Executives, Business Development Reps, Sales Operations) and Marketing (Email, Pay Per Click, Analytics, Social Media, Project Management) roles, we also specialize in IT and Software development positions. IT recruitment in Delray Beach includes, but is not limited to: Software Architects, Business Analysts, Web Engineers, CRM/ERP Developers, and System Administrators. We are pleased to announce that we have placed over 10 people at Your Digital Resource, a full service South Florida SEO and internet marketing company. They know they can count on us for great candidates fast. Sloane Staffing is committed to the clients we serve and the candidates we place. We are known for our quick, 24 to 48 hour turnaround time, placing better quality candidates, leading to typically longer hire times. We also place new hires in a wide variety of companies, including home mortgage lenders, facility maintenance services, and health food e-commerce companies, just to name a few. In addition, when you hire with Sloane Staffing, we can help reduce friction among hiring managers and HR recruiting, saving you not only time and money, but resources as well. The secret to our success is positioning ourselves as your internal recruiter, and leveraging our expansive network of potential candidates to source talented individuals who will fit both your business needs and your company culture. We promise to leverage our deep networks to find you the best candidates quickly. Working together, we will find the perfect match for you and your organization. Take it from our clients - see what they are saying about our recruitment agency in Delray Beach!

Why Quality Matters Now More Than Ever When Hiring Full-Time Employees | IT Staffing Delray Beach

Growing your business while competing to hire the top talent in the industry can be tricky with all of the other jobs hiring in South Florida. Quite often, interviewing, qualifying, and hiring candidates is a time consuming full time job in itself. In a recent survey conducted by Career Builder, 54% of employers admitted that it has been progressively more difficult to find qualified candidates in the last five years. Also, 50% of all employers feel it’s difficult to find candidates with the right skills for their open positions. The good news is that there are staffing agencies in South Florida, such as Sloane Staffing, which handles IT Staffing in Delray Beach, who can do all of that hiring grunt work for you. Executive recruiters in South Florida have access to new data sources, technologies, pre-hire assessment tools, and networks that you might not be aware of when hiring to find and keep the best candidates. And when you leverage an agency to hire talent, you will realize better outcomes. Staffing agencies are all about doing that grunt work for you, eliminating talent that is not top tier, and presenting over the best candidates possible. A recruiter will perform the initial interview of the candidate and obtain a reference check to get you the information you need, fast – often in less than 2 business days. And when a staffing agency finds you a qualified candidate with the skills your company yearns for and a positive attitude for the job, they are more likely to stay for a longer period of time. The right recruiter will be all about sending you quality, versus quantity. The staffing industry is experience extreme growth, and now is your time to leverage a recruiter to help you with your staffing needs. Sloane Staffing will help you streamline your hiring process, help you with IT Staffing in Delray Beach, and deliver the quality of candidates you need for your company.