The role

What would it be like to run marketing for a marketing agency? We’re looking for an outgoing, go-getter with a penchant for creative marketing, planning, and execution to join our team and answer that question.

There’s really no greater challenge for a career marketer than influencing other marketers. Marketers are skeptical, yet curious. They are not easily impressed. They are sometimes quick to find fault. Breaking through, grabbing their attention, and ultimately working with our friends at corporate, are quite the accomplishments. It’s fun and gratifying.

To do this, we need a person that will strategize, set up Marketo campaigns, define key performance metrics, conjure up creative ideas, plan events, and execute. You'll have help, but the bigger the load you can carry the better.

Our customers are all people with very real business challenges. The opportunity to solve those problems is the foundation upon which our company and our marketing efforts are built. So, if you’re the adventurous type, we have a spot for you.

About us

If our client were a person, we'd be the love child of Wilford Brimley and Richard Branson. We believe in the strength of old-school marketing channels like direct mail. We leverage digital to maximum effect. Creativity and strategic fire power are our super powers. We top that off with a love of technology, digital media, apps, and data to help you navigate the swirling tides of modern business. Marketing is what we do and we're pretty darn good at it.

their office space was purposely designed to create an outstanding work environment. Our environment echoes our team-first mentality. As an organization, we follow these four maxims: team before self, make life easier, never stop learning, and make good choices. HINT: If we pull you in for an interview, you'll be asked what those mean to you. (nod, wink)

Our need

Someone with several years of B2B marketing experience,

Marketo certification, or a really, really solid understanding other platforms like Hubspot or Eloqua,

a person that is not afraid to approach a total stranger and strike up a conversation,

someone that’ll take the bull by the horns and get shit done without a lot of direction,

creativity and the ability to tinker with copy and graphics,

a familiarity with important marketing KPIs, why we track them, and how to improve them, and…

someone with organizational skills that would put KonMari to shame.

Have you used these? We use them everyday.

G Suite







Adobe Creative Suite




Adwords & Analytics


Competitive pay

Marketo certification +

Google Adwords certification +

Unlimited vacation*

Free healthcare with dental and vision options

Peer-to-peer and management bonuses

Energetic work environment with a big kitchen

*Tenure based and subject to management approval.